2014 Canada Place des Arts Reports


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Cinquième Salle
20 February 20 to march 1
Montreal, January 21, 2014 — During SPECTACULAR CHINA, Cinquième Salle at Place des Arts will be presenting Fault Lines, a contemporary dance show that grew out of a meeting between artists from China, New Zealand and Australia, on February 20 to March 1. Premiered at the Melbourne Festival in 2012, Fault Lines is a poignant tribute to the 69,000 victims of the devastating 2008 earthquake in Sichuan.
The result of close collaboration between the Chinese dancers of Leshan Song and Dance troupe, New Zealand choreographer Sara brodie and brett Sheehy, artistic director of the Melbourne Festival, Fault Lines presents 16 highly accomplished performers together on the same stage.
Most of the artists in the Leshan Song and Dance Troupe were directly affected by the devastating earthquake of May 12, 2008, in Wenchuan. Indeed, the families of seven of the dancers were in the epicentre of the most devastated region.
Sara Brodie lived through the 2010 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, so she was particularly fascinated when Brett Sheehy told her about a seven-minute piece entitled Hands-Rebirth, created by the Leshan Song and Dance Troupe. He then presented her with a challenge: turn this short, moving choreography into a 70-minute work.
To create Fault Lines, the dancers drew on their experiences and observations, in addition to engaging in improvisation exercises well outside their comfort zone, under Brodie’s direction and guidance. Transcending the language barrier, the dancers and choreographer communicated through body language, combining two aesthetics from two completely different cultures. The encounter of these worlds that are poles apart results in a performance in which the tectonic plates are more creative than destructive.
“The dancers moved with such grace and ease, it was as though they were weightless. This is a must-see performance.” - Dance Informa
Leshan Song and Dance troupe
Founded in 1933 in southwestern China, the Leshan Song and Dance Troupe is recognized for its unique traditional style, fuelled by the rich culture of the region where it originated. Honoured with numerous awards, the company has presented its works on acclaimed stages around the world, including the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, the Sydney Opera House, the Victoria Art Centre of Melbourne and the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.
Sara brodie
Sara Brodie began her dance career in Christchurch, where she was born, before spending eight years in Europe. When she returned to New Zealand, she focused on directing works that combine dance with theatre and opera. Brodie often adopts an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating multiple elements into her work, from classical music to traditional Maori instruments, video and jazz.
Presented from February 15, to march 1, 2014, SPECTACULAR CHINA is part of the Place des Arts’ 50th-anniversary program. From Hamlet revisited, presented in the Peking opera style, to a carnival as well as a classical concert, a production for children and an exhibition, the event celebrates the purest Eastern traditions as well as modern-day China.