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What's left when the shaking stops? One of the features of the upcoming Christchurch Arts Festival might just show you.

Fault Lines is a unique dance work, being sponsored by Christchurch Airport. It's the New Zealand premiere of a collaboration between a Christchurch creative team and performers from the Leshan Dance Company in China, drawing on their shared experiences of devastating earthquakes.

Festival director Philip Tremewan says Fault Lines is an important event in the Festival.

"This show celebrates the resilience of the human spirit in times of extreme adversity," he says.

Fault Lines director and choreographer Sara Brodie travelled to China to create the show and says working with Leshan Dance Company meant not just crossing language barriers.

"Together we learnt a new "dance language," she says. "Their experience of their earthquake was so huge and they found creating the work to be very liberating. Instead of pulling down Leshan's buildings, the buildings were left and the whole city relocated. The centre of the preserved city is just a great crumpled heap and one mass grave. I found it a very humbling site to visit."

Sara says Fault Lines is not just doom, gloom and horror. "There is comedy in there, but the main themes are about the individual response to the earthquake and personal relationships."

Fault Lines will be at the Aurora Centre for three shows only, from 19-21 September.

Visit www.artsfestival.co.nz to book tickets.